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Banking & Finance

The burgeoning financial industry has seen both significant improvements and declines during the recent economic downturn. Despite increased competition and tougher regulation, the number of companies offering financial services has grown exponential, quick to capitalise on the increased awareness and reduced stability of many consumer’s financial lives.

With this increase in service providers comes increased competition, and greater emphasis importance of profit protection and operational streamlining. One way in which many fledgling companies are able to compete with larger more established brands is by taking advantage of the proven infrastructure and excellent customer service provided by business outsourcing companies such as GlobalDial services.

We work with financial service providers of all sized, offering a range of outsourcing capabilities, including:

  • Sales and Research
  • Claims and Query Management
  • Invoicing and Bill Processing
  • Customer Service
  • Welcome Calls
  • Investor Relations Service Desk
  • Payment collections
  • Accounts Receivables Assistance
  • Loan Set-up and Processing
    • Indexing
    • Data Entry
    • Ordering Services