Technology today forms the foundation of business and domestic life alike. With interlinking systems providing data management, internet access and telephony services, it can be a costly and time-consuming venture to ensure that your company’s technology is both up-to-date and secure.

Many businesses wish to use these technological services to their full potential, but lack the budget or skills necessary to pursue implementation or development in-house. Because of this, an increasing number are turning to business process outsourcing companies to implement technological advances for them, making the process simple, affordable and hassle-free.

We provide our customers with a guaranteed 100% level of redundancy and a commitment to less than 1% downtime, ensuring a constant safety net for your systems’ management.

We ensure that all your critical operations, such as infrastructure, telephony and the internet are provided with a minimum of 3 levels of redundancy to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your business’ technology is safeguarded and reliable.

GlobalDial Services offers a range of technology services using ITIL, the most widely used approach IT Service Management approach globally.

In this way, we provide practical, straightforward strategies for identifying, planning, implementing and supporting IT services to your business.

In addition to service management, we also provide customisable CRM solutions tailored specifically to meet your unique needs, and desktop level data protection policies to protect your hard-earned assets.