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The world today has never been more accessible, yet the recent economic downturn has left consumers wanting executive travel options at bargain prices. One way in which travel companies may choose to offset the inevitable decrease in profits and improve efficiency is to outsource many of its functionality to a business provider such as ourselves.

Here at GlobalDial Services we have a wealth of experience in orchestrating travel capabilities on all scales for travel agents, airlines and holiday rental companies.  Whether it’s providing strategic back office support, or direct consumer assistance, we strive to ensure that all your customers will arrive happy. And if something goes awry we will handle it quickly and quietly, giving you the peace of mind that your customers’ interests are in our capable hands. GlobalDial offers numerous of travel sector services, including:

  • Customer Sales, Up-Sell and Ancillary Products
  • Customer Bookings (Email and Online) and Reservations
  • Destination information
  • Responses to General Inquiries via Email or Chat Support
  • Cancellations and Reschedules
  • Itinerary Research and Planning
  • Complaints and Correspondence Handling
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys, E-mail Processing
  • Loyalty Program Management
  • Fare Filing and Loading
  • Fares and Ticketing
  • Queue Processing
  • CSAT Analysis